2023 NQTA Hug a Tree Membership Campaign

Spring Unfolds and Life Renews

To All NQTA members, forest peeps, partners and collaborators,

For 2023 North Quabbin Trails Association is initiating our “Hug a Tree Membership Campaign”. This Hug a Tree Membership Campaign package includes NQTA’s 28 set map set, with 3 new mapping adventures included:

  • New membership card
  • A Hug a Tree button
  • Trailwhisperer led hikes/stewardship opportunities
  • Invitation to all NQTA events

NQTA stands 10 years into our journey with over 350+ community projects completed and 50,000 community hours served. Your Support is Vital and helps directly funds these following NQTA’s Community Initiatives. NQTA now has 80+ miles of trail stewardship responsibilities, providing professional mapping and stewardship contracting services to:

  • 22-mile Tully Trail
  • 16 miles Feldman’s Cutthroat Brook Tree Farm gnome trails
  • Red Apple farm trails
  • Winchendon Community Park
  • Miller/Baquag river trail
  • Many other singular trail track lines

All NQTA trails are in safe tick remediated, flush cut, blazed, mapped condition for all families, 4 legged friends and adventures.

NQTA has designed customized accessible “Flatlanders” trails for people of all physical and mental challenges.

A cutting edge Hike and Heal initiative open to the public, vets, elders and physically challenged premiered last year with 6 monthly events that brought unparalleled success.

NQTA vision of bringing together for the 1st time the natural combination of professional holistic hands-on treatments and a educational naturalist walkabout along one of NQTA’s Anchor Centers will become reality this year. These Hike and Heal events are opening this season on Sunday May 21st 1 to 4 o’clock at the Red Apple farm amongst the height of the apple blossoms quite a spectacular site and experience ALL are welcomed to participate.

Hot for 2023 is the NQTA development of digital mapping of the 20-mile Bearsden Conservation area with the cutting-edge vision of a yearly Bearsden “4 Hilltop Extreme Fitness Challenge” with this new digital map distributed to the public and local towns emergency rescue services.

Once we see your incoming Membership filled in either online or in the mail we will send you out the full membership map set, Hug a Tree button and new Membership Card.

Now some people don’t want the maps and other swag but want to contribute so please indicate if you would like that option.

We certainly welcome any individual or family contribution but if you can donate the $100 Hug a Tree campaign it would be of great value as this is the Spring season procurement time of stewardship supplies, tools, mapping and the costs of the upcoming Hike and Heal season.

These above NQTA custom services are providing our community a UNIQUELY grass roots and home-grown trail organization based in the tremendous natural resources of our N. Quabbin region.
YOUR COMMUNITY SUPPORT is critical and ensures that NQTA can continue and grow to become a permanent entity of public good for N. Quabbin, Central Mass regions and beyond.

With the final note that as NQTA’s Trailwhisperer I am always available for individual and family guidance out on these many, many NQTA trails.

Thank you
Bobby Curley
NQTA President and Trailwhisperer