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Forward Motion Into 2022 image

Forward Motion Into 2022

December 31, 2021

  Hello Friends and Associates of NQTA, Since the Covid crisis hit and NQTA was no longer able to hold monthly gatherings, I have missed you. Fortunately, the outdoors has

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A Hannaford Helping Hand image

A Hannaford Helping Hand

April 27, 2022

Hello NQTA Community, Joe Goody, Hannaford store manager and stewardship leader, recently made me aware that NQTA is the Hannaford Community Cash Foundation of the Month of April recipient. If

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Announcing 2022 Hike + Heal Events image

Announcing 2022 Hike + Heal Events

January 26, 2022

Hello Adventurers!! The North Quabbin Trails Association has launched a fundraising campaign asking for your help to support and enhance the roll out of the first-of-its-kind initiative: Hike + Heal. This initiative will

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NQTA Trail Crew Cleans Up Bearsden Trailhead image

NQTA Trail Crew Cleans Up Bearsden Trailhead

August 26, 2021

NQTA President Bobby Curley and a trail crew including a team from Hannaford cleaned up the main trailhead for the Bearsden Conservation Area in Athol. Bearsden is a historic wilderness

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August and September Events image

August and September Events

August 18, 2021

NQTA will be busy in the coming weeks! We have two events coming soon: An August 26th celebration of the partnership with the Commonwealth DFW for the stewardship of the

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NQTA’s Tully Trail Stewardship and Communication initiative image

NQTA’s Tully Trail Stewardship and Communication initiative

August 17, 2021

Hello All Outdoor Adventurers After a 5 year journey with DFW, NQTA has signed a License Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding under the Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Walking Trail

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NQTA benefits from Hannaford program image

NQTA benefits from Hannaford program

April 17, 2021

Hannaford graciously made NQTA their Book and Cash Donation non profit beneficiary for the month of March at their Orange location, located at the front area by cash registers. NQTA

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Winchendon Community Park image

Winchendon Community Park

September 15, 2020

North Quabbin Trails Association collaborated with the Town of Winchendon to create a network of hiking trails for visitors to the brand-new Winchendon Community Park. This was especially important for

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Lynrose Farm image

Lynrose Farm

July 24, 2020

Lynrose Farm is a Reiki Healing Center and Lemuria Gift Store at 145 Shepardson Road, Warwick, MA. Lynrose Farm generously provides healing modalities at some NQTA events and you can

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Salamander Hollow image

Salamander Hollow

May 24, 2019

NQTA partnered with Salamander Hollow to connect the Hollow to trails in the Richards Reservoir area. Mary’s Salamander Hollow in Warwick, MA is now open. It will create a buzz

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Gifford Family Memorial Forest image

Gifford Family Memorial Forest

May 28, 2017

Looking for an easy one-mile hike on mostly level terrain? A fishing hole? The Gifford Family Memorial Forest and Wetmore Fishing Hole is an excellent choice. It is owned by

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Calvin Swan Homestead image

Calvin Swan Homestead

September 20, 2003

North Quabbin Trails Association collaborated with the town of Northfield to restore and improve the Calvin Swan homestead site. The work involved cleaning up the area and creating an easy

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