North Quabbin Trails Association, Inc. is committed to creating and guiding your pathways into the woods.

Stepping Stones

  • Stewardship: NQTA develops and maintains easy-to-follow trails to be enjoyed by as many people as possible. We keep them clear of debris, perform tick remediation, build bridges or stairs, and install benches, so you can walk, hike, rest and enjoy,
  • Health & Wellness: We support your health and wellness by working with our unique Healers’ Consortium partners to encourage beneficial interaction with the great outdoors regardless of age or ability.
  • Education & Safety: NQTA uses a network of resources to make your trail experience safe and educational. Our stewardship teams, hike leaders and healing partners are always willing to pass along interesting forest facts, trail etiquette and safety tips to make your trail experience rich and rewarding.
  • Community Outreach & Partner Collaboration: NQTA is all about partnership! Individuals and groups; whether local businesses, schools, agencies, veterans organizations, or other outdoor organizations, we look to create mutually valuable collaborations throughout the North Quabbin area and beyond!
  • Eco-Economic Benefit to the Community: NQTA’s commitment to “accessibility and sociability for all” brings individuals and groups to repeatedly visit the North Quabbin for a wide variety of outdoor activities. This brings growth opportunities and sustainable capital to our surrounding communities.