About Us

The purpose of the North of Quabbin Trails Association, Inc. is to sustain and work towards outdoor trail development, maintenance, and improvements. Also, to increase their utilization by our local communities. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • The restoration, maintenance and expansion of trails in the North Quabbin and Central Massachusetts regions.
  • The proper education & safety in areas of trail maintenance & construction.
  • Provide information and education to increase utilization of our local trails.
  • Provide support for the under-served communities in our area to help them access our local trails with a goal of access for all.
  • Create stewardship with other outdoor organizations, groups & individuals to further these goals.

NQTA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

NQTA’s Four Guiding Principles

  1. Stewardship

    At the core of N.Q.T.A is stewardship, with our stated goal of the creation of stewardship team leaders, stewardship crews to provide a ten year vision of trail development, maintenance, and trail improvements on trails currently being developed (Q+M, PCT, Millers/ Baquag). Offering these services to other trail organizations and municipalities in support of their trails in the North Quabbin Region.

  2. Outdoor Activity Center

    Using N.Q.T.A as a base to bring together the various outdoor trail organizations, groups and individuals. This will allow for a forum of trail education and connection between the diverse groups utilizing the trail systems.

    There is much need for these trail groups to express their individual concerns and by communication establishing working relationship for the proper multi-trail usage development.

    N.Q.T.A as a non-profit stewardship organization allows for the signing of licensing agreements with lands under state and federal jurisdiction.

  3. Trail Development & Design

    A critical component will be the continuation of trail development and connection of trails and organizations in the North Quabbin Region.

    Then to provide a stewardship plan to maintain these trail systems. The eco-economic benefits will provide for substantial and sustained growth to our region.

  4. Education and Safety

    Utilizing local organizations to provide for proper education and safety in areas of trail maintenance, trail construction, and safe chainsaw operation. All crew members will be provided with these safety and educational opportunities to establish a safe and proper working environment out on the trails.

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