A Hannaford Helping Hand

Hello NQTA Community,

Joe Goody, Hannaford store manager and stewardship leader, recently made me aware that NQTA is the Hannaford Community Cash Foundation of the Month of April recipient.

If you happen to be shopping at this Community Driven grocery store and just happen to be walking by this large plexiglass donation box in front of the cash registers, NQTA would be SO grateful for all financial assistance as NQTA is burgeoning with many diverse adventures and opportunities for the FULL SPECTRUM of the Community of the
North Quabbin Region.

NQTA is now taking on the professionalization costs of insurance and a solid financial sustainability base.

Now as a 2 for 1 example of NQTA / Hannaford corporate sponsorship we are also going old school as the BUCK BOOK OF THE MONTH recipient.

We are down to the final 5 days of April for this cash donation and again NQTA thanks All in the community for their support. And many thanks to Joe and Hannaford.

We WELCOME your donation we WELCOME you to be part of one of NQTA’s upcoming Health and Fitness Expositions with monthly planned one of a kind activities and adventures. Join us on this adventure train and Please join NQTA on our Yearly Membership drive.

Thank You, Happy Spring and go take a walk, hike. kayak, bike ride, fish or hunt. Let’s go and hit the trails.

Photos below of Hannaford’s volunteer stewardship crew clearing the front entrance to the Nolumbeka Project 12,000 year old ancient burial grounds and 3 sisters gardens.

Hannaford has now cleared up sections of the Bearsden Conservation area, created a Forest Trailhead at Red Apple farm and a section of the Tully trail.

This highlights the unique NQTA Corporate Sponorship and Give Back that NQTA can offer our business and financial services communities.

Thanks Everyone,
Bobby Curley NQTA Trailwhisperer and President