Gifford Family Memorial Forest

Looking for an easy one-mile hike on mostly level terrain? A fishing hole?

The Gifford Family Memorial Forest and Wetmore Fishing Hole is an excellent choice. It is owned by the Mount Grace Land Conservation Trust and located just a few miles from downtown Orange and downtown Athol.

North Quabbin Trails Association collaborated with Mount Grace to create and maintain the one-mile loop walk. The hiker experiences forested land, marvels at an impressive old stone dam, and enjoys the quiet or noisy Tully River (West Branch) as it flows toward the Millers River.

The Wetmore fishing hole is marked by an engraved stone tribute to the late state senator Robert Wetmore. Look for and follow the blue blazes. There’s a gate and informative kiosk at the trail head, but visitors should not block the gate and instead can find parking just south or just north of the gate. For more information visit

Enjoy a photo and pastels of the river by Gail Oswald