NQTA’s Tully Trail Stewardship and Communication initiative

Hello All Outdoor Adventurers

After a 5 year journey with DFW, NQTA has signed a License Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding under the Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Walking Trail Policy for the Tully Mountain, Bio Meadows and Fish Brook Wildlife Management Areas and a signed license agreement with Bio Meadows abutting landowner Fred Heyes.

These agreements allow the immediate removal of the ridiculously dangerous 2 mile Tully trail roadwalk alongside and into these properties. An Appalachian Trail thru hiker started this outreach to DFW and helped to accomplish this task.

Read about the signing of the agreement in the Athol Daily News

The DFW bio meadows relocation is already complete! Go see for yourself the spectacular and serene relocation.

NQTA is the 1st and one of only six organizations to get this reclassification under the DFW Walking Trail Policy working directly in collaboration and successful partnership with DFW Superintendent Joe Rodgers and Wildlife Biologist Jennifer Jones.

NQTA even beat the mighty AMC to the finish line.

Thank you to both Joe and Jennifer and to the DFW staff and legal department that constructed this 100+ page document to ensure the legality and perpetuity of this agreement.

During this 5 year period NQTA formed a coalition and working partnership with the other land managers of the 22 mile Tully trail that includes Department of Conservation and Recreation, United States Army Corps of Engineers and the Trustees properties. From this loosely formed partnership NQTA will assume the lead Communication and Stewardship Contracting for the Tully trail.

The Tully trail has been left rudderless for the past 5 years and, despite NQTA doing its best in emergency stewardship mode, the trail has taken on 2nd class proportions and unsafe conditions and this must stop immediately.

Where the other land managers are actively taking care of their Tully trail properties we will work in partnership and where the Tully trail needs improvements NQTA will work as the lead stewardship contractor and as a Central Communication Center for all issue reporting from Tully trail users.

NQTA announces the Tully Trail Angel Stewardship and Watch initiative

This is modeled after the former Trustees 22 mile alphabetical stewardship assistance program as NQTA will be setting up a perpetuity stewardship program where each and every one of your help is welcome.

There will be a 24 hour communication response time to any impacted full stewardship needs such as blowdowns, blazes and any personal issues or trail problems.

Many more details to follow with the outline of this Trail Angel Stewardship and Watch initiative with sign up to be unveiled at an upcoming walkabout at the NQTA/DFW Celebration and Educational unveiling at DFW’s property at the base of the Tulley Mnt., Bio Reserve and Fred Heyes properties.

Please come out and join us and be part of the solution at this time of celebration and preservation of this 22 mile Tulley trail which is a North Quabbin natural resource jewel.