Feldman’s Gnome Trail


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Briggs Road

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Traveling from Athol on Route 32 south come to the Entering Petersham sign on left. Immediately take a left on Briggs Rd and proceed to the top.

The trailhead is on the left, notice horse barn in photo this will be the 1st thing you will see and park at Trail- head at left just before it.

8 cars.

Trail is directly across with signage continue into forest the Q+M trailhead is shortly ahead at Reflection Cove on Battersby Rd. just as you pass Gnorbert.
(photo time)


The Cascade Section 2.2 miles

Starting at the Q+M trailhead at Reflection Cove continue on Battersby Rd .6 miles arrive at the intersection of the Q+M at Harvard forest /French road and take a left up Ervitis Ascent.

Continue on Erviti’s Ascent until trail blends onto Prior Peters Path take left at Cascade Lane, stop at the beautiful Cascade Camp and take a break.

Proceed on Cascade Lane and a left on The Esker come off the Esker and back on to Cascade Lane and shortly a right on to Shortcut Path.

Take right on Tri Town Marker trail, take a break at tri town marker, continue onto Boney Walk come out and take a left on to Kitchen Road follow down and the end of Cascade Section at Nameless/ Kitchen Rd.

The Outer Limits Section 2.8 miles

Starting at the end of Cascade section on Nameless Road proceed till crossing
and taking left over Kendell Brook were trail becomes for short distance Gravel Pit

Take left on Whitney Road and follow down to right on Watermans Rd.

At Waterman’s Corner, take a break and enjoy this historic stone wall foundation

Coming out of Waterman’s Corner arrive at Outer Limits trailhead follow 1.6 miles
to the other Outer Limits trailhead.

This trail continues on for 1.6 miles taking right heading to Horrible Hemlocks and
continues to the trailhead of the Outer Limits at Birch loop trail.

Follow Birch loop trail to a right back on Kitchen Rd. down to the intersection of
Nameless and take a left and immediate left on to Love Rock and a left onto Duck Walk.

Take right at Tri Town Marker trail and right at Shorcut Path out past Castle Grove and on left is Q+M trail- head at Reflection Cove.

An intro from Ben and Susie Feldman, Landowner. Along the Q-M trail, stop and visit its many resident gnomes. Walk to the Cascades, especially after a heavy rain. Find the Tri-Town Marker and look for old carved dates on it. Go out to Waterman’s Corner, and admire the skills it took to build that stone wall. On the Outer Limit, clamber across the rocks at Celtz’s Crossing. Enjoy the Cutthroat and the Kendall Brooks as they meander through the forest. Occasionally, just stop, breathe, and absorb the peacefulness.



Trail Etiquette

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