Tully Mountain / Mountain Road Blue Blaze Trail


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Take Mountain Road off of the Tully Road by the Boiler Room and Variety Store and follow-up Mountain Road to the end with a 6 car parking lot trailhead.

The Tully Road Trailhead is located just before the bridge embankment and is street parking off of the Tully by chain gate area.


Starting at the Mountain Road Trailhead cross the meadows area and enter the forest and follow the blue blaze trail shortly to the intersection of the blue blaze ascent up the Tully Mountain to the Tully Trail.

Taking the preferred loop take a left and head up shortly to the beginning of the steep ascent.

Come to the intersection of the Tully and blue-blazed Trail with the Tully Trail going off to the left proceed straight up the blue blaze trail and at this point it becomes a steep climb to the top.
.5 ascent to the top and to the stunning clear vistas of the top of the Tully Mountain.

Ensure that you take the time to enjoy your hard work and the magnificent views.

Follow off of the top of the Tully and proceed again through mixed forest and after a fairly good distance come to the Tully trail intersection on your left this follows through the DFW and to the Heyes property and down to the Tully Road.

· Continue on the blue blaze Trail down a fairly moderate descent and to the intersection of the meadows and blue blaze trail.

Either the meadows or the blue blaze trail takes you back to the Mountain Road Trailhead for the completion of this loop trail

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Trail Etiquette

Please use common sense and show common courtesy on all trails. See the Trail Etiquette Guide for tips for hikers, mountain bikers and horseback riders.